Where there’s balance, things run smoothly. That goes for people, teams and organizations; for everyone. Is balance lost or hard to find? Then something has to be done. So we do. Step by step, from and now what to the next step.

There’s always change, especially in organizations. There’s also hassle from time to time. And though most of us don’t like that – we actually DO. In fact, we’ve made it our job. We see hassle and fuss as the starting point for improvement, better collaboration and new-found balance.

Change masters, Balance bringers, Difference directors. Whatever you call us, if you invite us over, you’ll notice that something has changed when we leave. We bring movement and composure. Insights and new perspectives. Inspiration and passion. We engage and connect teams.

We do it all, fueled by our knowledge of systems, structures and dynamics. That&'s not what makes us unique though. Well, in some way it does. Because our knowledge has grown from experience. What truly makes us unique is our personality, enthusiasm ánd rebelliousness.

That’s what makes us And Now What? That’s what makes us incomparable. Also: we’re a unique tailor-made-team; we bring the experts that fit your situation and match yóur team. The needed eyes, required ears and necessary senses. For that fresh look and new sound.

We’ll guide you through change. We’ll answer your 'and now what?'. Together we’ll find our way towards improvement, balance and connection. After all, that’s why you invite us over. And we’re staying until we can all say: yes, we are beyond the and now what. We have taken the next step.